Lesser Spotted Neapolitan Knickerbocker Glory by Peter Smith

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Taken from 'The Lost Impossimals Collection' by Peter Smith. Each piece from the collection takes you back to how the famous Impossimals were first recorded in history.

Not to be confused with the Lesser Spotted Knickerbocker Glory, this Neapolitan-tailed hybrid was first captured on canvas in 1868 when Bluster first saw the creature dining on what could only be described as coloured ice which it dug out of the frozen environment around Popsicle bay, Iceland.

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“My colours to complement the compositions come from my work within the fashion industry and provide strong visual statements, the compositions come from interaction; I like to include some form of connection between the items on a canvas, and quite often the eyes will play a big part in leading a viewer's perception, imagine yourself looking from the viewpoint of one of the characters, look around from their point of view inside the canvas observing all the other objects, read the title carefully and try to imagine their feelings - you will then begin to understand what I really felt when I painted the piece and hopefully just like me, smile too!”