Sweet Temptations by Sarah Graham

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Sarah Graham was asked to paint the new album by the Kaiser Chiefs.

“This painting followed on from ‘Sweet Mayhem’ painted in 2010. I wanted to recreate the movement again as a result of the tumbling effect of the sweets pouring from the jar. As opposed to the landscape composition of the previous piece, this time I wanted the effect of a ‘waterfall’ of cascading sweets, hence the portrait format."

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Sarah Graham is a British hyperrealistic painter with a passion for exploring the vivd still life. Her obsession for colour has pushed to to paint stunningly realistic sweets and toys. Sarah Adds, “I am entirely motivated by colour, and as a realist painter, along with being a big kid at heart, this inevitably lead to the subject matter of toys and sweets. It allows me to explore extremely vivid colour, and at the same time manipulate the structure and form of an image. Having trawled sweetshops, markets, eBay, and my mum's attic, to find my subject.”