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Edge Sculpture has released some fabulous special editions for Winter 2016:

'Studio Silver' limited editions

They have made 50 or 100 limited editions of each of 5 specially selected pieces.  All are signed and numbered individually by designer Matt Buckley and, to complete the provenance, come with a numbered certificate of authenticity.  The sculpts are:

    • Cobra (50)
    • Dragon (100)
    • Elephant (100)
    • Hare (100)
    • Shark (50)

New finish numbered editions

For the first time they have pre-launched 3 new finishes for existing sculpts.  Each is hand-etched by Matt Buckley with the edition number and comes complete with a signed certificate.  These pieces will be available up until 31 December 2016 after which they will be introduced into the general collection.  The sculpts are:

    • Gorilla Bust - White
    • Tiger Bust - Siberian
    • Wolf Bust - Grey

And finally

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cybermen they have created a limited edition of only 50 pieces of Cyberman Bust in Gold

We've already received many of these special editions ... most of which have been snapped up straight away!  Check our website to find out what's still available or give us a call on 01952 56 6000 to find out what we can still get hold of for you.


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