The very latest from Edge Sculpture

Along with flurries of wintry weather came another surprise this week - a seasonally cute new colourway for the Baby Gorilla called SNOWFLAKE

He's the same shape and size as his sibling but with a lovely new colourway based on the famous albino Gorilla named Snowflake who lived at Barcelona Zoo until he was almost 40 years old

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Matt Buckley, Creative Director at Edge Sculpture, has been busy sculpting new pieces for 2021 - and they're amazing!

He's listened to all your requests and has given us a sneak preview of his latest prototypes - they're currently at the basic sculpt stage so we don't yet know dimensions, colourways or prices

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Edge Sculpture is always incredibly popular at this time of the year - and 2020 is no different to previous years!

What is proving rather more of a challenge is trying to keep up with production levels while operating under strict Covid conditions. Edge have seen a huge surge in orders from retailers and have had to make the difficult decision to suspend many of their pieces until 2021.

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