Lars Tunebo

Born in 1962 in Lysekil, Sweden, Lars now lives and works in Gothenburg. He is a self-taught artist working with techniques and materials including bronze, glass, painting and photography/mixed media. His works can be found in some prestigious private collections and have made an impact in exhibitions across Europe, the Middle East and the USA for over 25 years.

Lars creates distinctive stories of the urban wild, placing brightly coloured wild animals against iconic landmarks around the world in a whole range of unexpected and often amusing situations. While these images make us smile they also make a statement, as he uses a variety of media to highlight the sheer life force of these amazing and exotic creatures in contrast to the beautiful but lifeless cityscapes that make up their backdrop. This unique combination of imagination, wit and social commentary makes each piece stand out as both a joyous and surprising work of art, and an intriguing conversation piece.
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