Rob Hall collection at Artworx Gallery

Rob Hall


    Rob Hall collection from Artworx GalleryRob has always had an interest in photography and after many years of just taking snaps on a compact camera he eventually bought his first basic DSLR in June 2016. Within the year he had traded this in for his first pro camera and lens and just hasn't stopped adding to the collection and developing his understanding of the art since.

    He always has a camera with him and is looking for that next image. It is fair to say that he finds photography addictive. He now uses Nikon D500 and D850 bodies with a selection of pro Nikon lenses, Lee filters and and Nikon SB800 Flashes. This of course is not what contributes to a great image as some of his personnel favorites were captured on relatively inexpensive and non pro gear - it's how he sees the potential image and then conveys that through the equipment he has.