Found your ideal artwork but can't afford it right now?

Don't worry, we can help with our 6 month interest-free instalment option

Simply pay a minimum 20% deposit followed by 5 monthly instalments and it's yours to take away after the final payment

The finer details

Not available online - we can only offer this option in person through the Gallery

Minimum purchase £300 - this offer is only available on purchases of £300 or more

No credit check needed - we won't ask you to complete any credit checks or fill in any external credit application forms

Ownership - we retain possession and ownership of the artwork until the final instalment has been paid, then it's yours to take home and enjoy

Payments must be made by the agreed date each month - if this doesn't happen we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund you the amount already paid less cancellation fees shown below:

Month Cancellation fee
1 n/a
2 5% of purchase price
3 10% of purchase price
4 15% of purchase price
5 20% of purchase price
6 25% of purchase price