Lion Bust - St George by Edge Sculpture
Lion Bust - St George by Edge Sculpture

Lion Bust - St George (Limited Edition of 50)

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Contemporary ceramic polystone sculpture: 

height 17"   

length 17"   

depth 11.4"  



    Matt Buckley is the Creative Director and designer of the stunning Edge Sculpture range.

    He initially sketches then sculpts each new piece out of clay. Each design perfectly blends structure with strength to produce a prototype full of charm and character.


    This original sculpture is then used to create a rubber mould. Marble resin is poured into the mould which is then lowered into a vacuum chamber to remove unwanted air bubbles.

    Once cured and properly hardened, the cast is carefully removed to reveal the first white sample.


    After unwanted mould lines have been removed, the sample is levelled and sand-blasted in order to give it a slight key.

    It is then painted to produce a master against which all future production sculptures will be compared.

    A masterpiece has been created.