Zest / Whimsey / Flair Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture by Tim Cotterill Frogman
Zest Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture by Tim Cotterill Frogman
Whimsey Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture by Tim Cotterill Frogman
Flair Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture by Tim Cotterill Frogman

Zest / Whimsey / Flair

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  • Solid bronze sculpture 
  • Year released: 2009 
  • Sculpture size: 7" x 3.5" x 4" 
  • Edition size: 1000 
  • Subject: frog, leaf, lily pad

A frog having great fun diving into the water, available in a range of different colours!

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Drawing inspiration from his Venice Beach paradise, Tim comes up with his initial sketches for the piece. He then welds a metal armature 'skeleton' before beginning to sculpt.

Create mould

Once Tim has finished the sculpture it's brought to the Frogman Foundry to start the Lost Wax Casting Technique. A silicon mould of the sculpture is made.

Wax copy

A wax copy of Tim's original sculpture is created. This is then dipped into a liquid mixture called a slurry which is used to start building a ceramic shell.

Melt the wax

Over the next several days the ceramic shell is added to until finally the wax can be melted away. Leaving a hollow shell for the high quality Everdur molten bronze to be poured into.

Remove shell

After the bronze has cooled, the ceramic shell is chipped away to reveal the new bronze sculpture. This is then smoothed and polished by hand.

Create patinas

The sculpture is treated with different chemicals to create different patinas. It is then fired with a blowtorch and a clear coat is applied to seal the colours. The sculpture is then buffed by hand, signed and numbered, finishing the sculpture.