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We love seeing your sculptures and artwork in their new homes - and some of the settings are simply amazing, you're a very creative bunch!

A stunning built-in display including contemporary fireplace and large screen TV

So many gorgeous pieces including a few that are now discontinued - we've spotted the Polar Bear and Falcon Bust but there may be more ...

Charlie the Lion definitely has pride of place in this wonderful collection - many thanks to our lovely customer for alerting us to his launch 😃

An eclectic group

They're all watching something, but what?

Hedgehog, Tiger Cub and Venus - different styles and colours but they go together beautifully

  • Just chilling

  • The outdoor life

  • I'm watching you ...

A little bit fierce

Take an Edge Sculpture Gorilla Bust, light him up from behind and play around with the perspective - what a photo!

  • Just the one baby - the dog doesn't count!

  • Both babies, family complete

A touch of the blues

It's all about the lighting with this amazing installation - the magnificent African Elephant on his wall mount with the most intense blue glow ... outstanding

  • Such an elegant setting, it really sets him off

  • Amazing lighting, we love the regal colour

  • You're being watched, no misbehaving!

  • Finished perfectly with an Edge Sculpture sign

A whiter shade of pale

Many thanks to this customer for sending us a photo of their Siberian Tiger Cub and Baby Gorilla Snowflake - don't they look cute together?

  • What a great spot - but I can't see the TV from here!

  • It means so much ...

  • Don't move - they'll never tell which of us is the real one

  • "Lucifer" a great photo of the discontinued Bull Terrier Bust

What a proud Puffin

Perched happily between the cute Hedgehog and the adventurous Tiger Cub ... and the whole display is neatly finished with the newly available Edge Sculpture Sign

  • Such a statement piece - this one's certainly a talking point

  • The Octopus is a fabulously ornate piece - but pair him with this table and oh WOW

  • From the old Grizzler ...

  • ... to the adorably young cutie

  • Our customer wanted a statement piece for her garden wall and chose this stunning bronze plaque - gleaming in the sunshine, it certainly does the job!

  • Such a very happy customer, he's been wanting to add this magnificent sculpture to his collection for years!

  • Our customer waited several weeks for his stunning Midnight Blue Owl to arrive - and was lucky enough to catch one just before they hit the unavailable list!

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