Totally Trees

Totally Trees

You've all gone mad for trees during the lock downs, we just can't get enough of them!

Brightly coloured or monochrome, realistic or wildly abstract, blossoming or elegantly leafy ... you love them all ❤️️

Sara Otter's heart trees have been particularly popular with their vivacious colours and resin heart embellishments:

Tree of Love   123cm x 73cm   £260
Deep as my Heart   123cm x 73cm   £260
Then we've got the ever popular Catherine Stephenson with her bunny-based trees with silver gilded highlights - only this time the carrots have been replaced with hearts:
Tree of Love   82cm x 82cm   £210
On the other hand, if it's a bit of originality you'd prefer, then we've got some gorgeous offerings from Rozanne Bell, David Kirk and local artist Julie:
Cherry Path original painting by Rozanne Bell from Artworx Gallery
Cherry Path   27" x 27"   £595
Illumination original painting by David Kirk from Artworx Gallery
Illumination   27" x 27"   £995
Heart Tree 2 original painting by Julie from Artworx Gallery
Heart Tree 2   31" x 25"   £395
So why not branch out (sorry!!!) and try something a bit different to brighten up your newly decorated walls?
Take care and stay safe ...
Best wishes Julie and Chris
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