Wildlife walls from Louise Luton

Wildlife walls from Louise Luton

Louise Luton's colourful wildlife pictures have been proving incredibly popular, with the stunning Hugo and Kendi especially good sellers - the colourways on these framed pictures are particularly striking and we're constantly asked what colour wall would be best as a background

We've put together some examples - and yes we've been playfully bold - that take some of the gorgeously rich colours from Louise's pictures and use them as wallpaper ideas

Right, sunglasses on, here we go:

Tantalisingly teal

Passionately purple

Gregariously golden

Boomerangingly blue

Mesmerisingly magenta

Eccentrically eclectic

What a difference a wall colour makes! You could even choose to go pale, neutral or white - the pictures are so outstandingly bold that they allow you to go with your heart and choose colours to truly reflect your personality 🙂

So pick yourself a Louise Luton favourite (or two or three) and go wild with a bit of colour, you won't regret it ...

Take care and stay safe, best wishes Julie and Chris

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