Hedgehog Snowball by Matt Buckley at Edge Sculpture

EDGE SCULPTURE Hedgehog Snowball

A CHRISTMAS SURPRISE - a delightful new Snowball version of our ever popular Hedgehog ❤️

Well look who just popped up on the Edge Sculpture website - a very special timed limited edition of the endearing Hedgehog!

Hedgehog Snowball by Matt Buckley at Edge Sculpture

Hedgehog Snowball   £175

Each piece will be individually numbered and signed by Matt Buckley and come complete with a certificate of authenticity

It's a special time limited edition and is available for retailers to order up to 24 December - after that the numbering will stop and the Snowballs will be permanently hibernated

As it's a new colourway rather than a completely new piece, it shouldn't be too long before they start appearing in the Gallery

Happy Christmas clicking ... 🎄🎅☃️

Best wishes Julie and Chris

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