Highland Cow prototype by Matt Buckley at Edge Sculpture

Edge Sculpture Highland Cow prototype

Matt Buckley's been busy in his sculpting shed and just look what he's done for us - a magnificent Highland Cow, one of our most requested animals!

It's only in clay prototype at the moment but you can already tell this one's going to be a best seller

To give you an idea of proportions, here's a snapshot of Matt working on the prototype:

Those horns are going to be a packaging challenge, the box will be enormous, but we know that's not going to matter to all our Edge fans

The latest information we've got is that the Edge Team is aiming for a May video release and launch so plenty of time to save your pennies!

Take care and stay safe everyone ...

Best wishes Julie and Chris


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Awesome, we already own 6 sculptures and can’t wait to add this one . Please can you reserve one as soon as available , can’t wait.
Many thanks


Susan Brown

I love all the tree frogs and as for the Highland Cow it’s amazing. I swear I will never be rich with all the sculptures.I cannot resist them to the point of buying them and displaying in different times. I have so many and not enough area to display them so I put the apes out with a few random ones or the sea and random ones and so on. It’s great because people are always commenting on them. The add one to the Gecko is brilliant but as usual I can’t decide on one colour so might end up with all of them. Just keep it up thank you. It makes me so happy and the grandchildren. It would be lovely if they made a plaque with Edge on it for customers to put with their collections maybe with a few animals etched into it. I think it would set off any collection great even if they are for orders only. I will be first to buy one please.

Cheryl Evans

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