EDGE SCULPTURE Autumn release

EDGE SCULPTURE Autumn release

The latest Edge Sculpture release is here! 

We are pleased to say that the new Giraffe Calf, Rhino Calf and Dragon Eggs are now available to order.

Giraffe Calf

The adorable new Giraffe Calf is £160 with our first pieces expected to arrive in November. 

Rhino Calf

The Rhinoceros Calf White is the other new baby release now available to order for £160. With delivery expected in November it's an ideal Christmas gift!

Dragon Egg Illumination

The stunning new range of illuminated dragon eggs have just been launched. They are the first Edge Sculpture pieces to come complete with their own light making for a very eye catching design. The first delivery is currently expected in November.

They are priced at £175 which includes the light with plug. Now you just need to choose between the 6 different colours! These are:
Black (purple), Blue, Copper, Green, Red and White (light blue)

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