You might remember that Matt Buckley, Creative Director at Edge Sculpture, ran a few polls earlier this year and one of them pitched a baby rhino against a baby giraffe

It was a hard-fought battle and the eventual winner was the baby giraffe

But it didn't stop there - Matt decided that the result was so close that he'd just have to sculpt both of them and the result is these oh so cute clay prototypes

Baby Giraffe


Baby Rhino

Both pieces are due to have their finer details added and of course they both need that final flourish of Matt's trademark slashes to let light shine through

The video launch of these lovelies is due the final week in September and we'll be getting them added to our website as soon as the images and price details are available

We've got waiting lists for both babies - if you want to be added, simply go to the product page(s) and use the 'Ask us a question' button to send us your contact details

Take care and enjoy our late summer sunshine ...

Best wishes Julie and Chris
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