New Chameleon colours by Matt Buckley from Edge Sculpture

Edge Sculpture new Chameleon colours available to order

The new Chameleon colourways have just launched and they're beautifully vibrant!

Not only that, Matt Buckley has designed the new African Tree Frogs to fit perfectly with the Chameleons so you can have plenty of fun playing mix and match with the pieces

 Chameleon - Rainbow Blue

 Chameleon - Orange

Chameleon - Blue

The good news is that they're due in to us next week, no waiting around for months for them to arrive! To give you an idea of how they snuggle together with the new African Tree Frog, Matt Buckley's given us a preview of the Green versions of both of them together:

We can't wait to have them all in the Gallery next week, it's going to be so much fun putting together a window display!

Take care and stay safe everyone, best wishes Julie and Chris

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