Edge Sculpture new colourways

EDGE SCULPTURE new colours

Matt Buckley and his painting team have been having fun and they've introduced 4 new colours as part of the Spring 2023 collection

First up is one of Matt's favourites, the sitting Gorilla, who's been given a new white makeover:

Gorilla White by Matt Buckley at Edge Sculpture

Gorilla - White   £430

Next are colourful new pink additions for the Chameleon and African Tree Frog giving you even more mixing and matching fun:

Chameleon - Rainbow Pink

Chameleon - Rainbow Pink   £215

African Tree Frog - Aqua Pink

African Tree Frog - Aqua Pink   £90

Finally there's the magnificent Highland Cow with his new darkly brooding black and purple colourway - we know he's the same beastie but he certainly looks different:

Highland Cow Bust - Black

Highland Cow Bust - Black   £345

There was also a bright and colourful limited edition version of the Lion Bust but it sold out on day 2 of the Spring Fair so unfortunately won't be available!!!

Lion Bust - Pride

That's all for now, keep watching to see the new releases ...

Best wishes Julie and Chris

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