Autumn 2021 new releases by Matt Buckley at Edge Sculpture

Edge Sculpture newbies open for orders - Baby Chimpanzee, Panda Cub and Chameleon

Matt Buckley and his brother Dan did another video launch last night and introduced us to the new Autumn Edge Sculptures - we'd already seen the clay prototypes but it's always exciting to see the final painted versions!

This season's newbies are the Panda Cub and Baby Chimp (both new to the Born to be Wild collection) and Chameleon with a new colourway to an existing piece just to keep us on our toes

Let's start with the oh so cute Panda Cub:



This little fella's going to be such a popular piece and will be going head-to head with the Baby Chimp to claim the Christmas top spot

The Baby Chimp is the newest of the baby apes and will sit happily alongside his Orangutan and Gorilla chums:



He's the first of a trio that Matt's creating based on 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil' and this little baby is 'Hear a Little' - Matt even touted the idea of ultimately creating a base to house all 3 little fellas


We've been wondering what colour the Chameleon was going to appear in and word has it that he morphed several times while in the paint studio:



He's one of the brightest sculptures produced by Matt and will certainly form a very colourful centrepiece for Edge collections - there's even going to be an associated Tree Frog that will sit seamlessly next to the Chameleon!

The colourway surprise is a new albino version of the enduringly popular Baby Orangutan - Alba is a white baby and she, yes she, will be a much loved member of the baby collection

We'll definitely let you know more as the new products arrive with us but for now this will hopefully keep you up to speed with your Christmas shopping lists 🎄

Take care and stay safe ...

Best wishes Julie and Chris 

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