Edge Sculpture Prototype Panda Cub

Edge Sculpture Prototype Panda Cub

Matt Buckley's been busy today sharing his 3rd prototype piece for Edge Sculpture's Autumn launch - and this one's going to be a huge hit! It's an adorable little Panda Cub and will be part of his 'Born to be Wild' range.

Panda Cub prototype by Matt Buckley at Edge Sculpture

If it looks this cute in an unfinished clay version you can only imagine how stunning it's going to be when it's had its final coat of paint. This is definitely going to be the Christmas best seller so start saving your pennies now!

Well we now know all 3 of the new pieces but if you want to see them in their full glory don't forget that you can watch the launch video on 22 September on the Edge Sculpture YouTube Channel. We'll get the lovely trio added to our website as soon as they're available on 23 September - and then it's order mayhem for the next few days!!!
Roll on Christmas ...
Best wishes Julie and Chris
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