New Edge Sculpture video launch 7 Apr 2021

EDGE video launch 7 April

We've had so many questions asking about the launch of the new Edge Sculpture pieces and, finally, we can give you a date

Wednesday 7 April 2021 at 7pm on YouTube

Matt Buckley and his brother Dan will once again be giving us a guided tour to the new sculpts and no doubt throwing in something new to keep us on our toes!

What do we know so far? Well we've already been given sneak previews of these 3 lovelies:

Orangutan Bust

Matt's Orangutan family is already an established favourite with Edge collectors and this latest addition will be a must have. He'll also sit beautifully alongside the other ape busts such as the Gorilla and Chimp and will more than hold his own with the Lions and Tigers

French Bulldog

This little fella has been one of the most requested dogs we've had and will be an instant hit with Edge fans and newcomers to the range - his quizzical expression is great in black and white and can only get better in colour!

The Hedgehog

The Edge Team have been overwhelmed with the interest shown in this spiky prototype and are already forecasting him to be a 2021 bestseller

So you know as much as we do at this point and to find out more you need watch the launch video - suffice it to say we'll get the newbies onto our website and open them up for ordering within hours of the launch

But for now, carry on taking care of one another and keep thinking happy thoughts of the days and weeks to come ...

Best wishes Julie and Chris


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