Baby Gorilla Snowflake by Matt Buckley at Edge Sculpture from Artworx Gallery

EDGE surprise Snowflake ❄️

Along with flurries of wintry weather came another surprise this week - a seasonally cute new colourway for the Baby Gorilla called SNOWFLAKE

He's the same shape and size as his sibling but with a lovely new colourway based on the famous albino Gorilla named Snowflake who lived at Barcelona Zoo until he was almost 40 years old

He's already attracting a lot of attention and we've taken several orders within the first few hours of his debut

You can order him now and we're expecting our first few to arrive within the next 2-3 weeks

We love surprises like this - hope you do too ❤️️

Take care everyone and stay warm and safe ...

Best wishes Julie and Chris


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