EDGE NEWBIES ready to order

EDGE NEWBIES ready to order

The new class of Edge Sculpture Spring 2020 has graduated and they're ready to order! The magnificent Tutankhamun, the ethereal Angel and the oh so cute Baby Gorilla are all now available on our website along with sizes, prices and estimated delivery forecasts.

First we have the beautifully elegant Angel with her ethereal pink and lilac colourway and that very enigmatic smile

Angel   £200

Next we introduce the boy king himself, Tutankhamun, with his intricate gold and turquoise mask

Tutankhamun   £230

And last but very definitely not least we have the hugely anticipated Baby Gorilla - and what an adorable addition to the Edge Sculpture family he is!

Baby Gorilla   £110

As always, delivery forecasts for these 3 new sculptures are estimates but what we're currently expecting is:

  • Angel - towards the end of March
  • Tutankhamun - by Easter
  • Baby Gorilla - by Easter

We know you wouldn't expect anything less from us and, sure enough, we were front of the queue for ordering - and that means we'll also be top of the list for receiving the first deliveries. As usual, it'll be first-come first-served for our orders so don't leave it too late 😃

Happy shopping ...

Best wishes Julie and Chris

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