Dom Pattinson

Collection: Dom Pattinson

Dom Pattinson collection from Artworx GalleryDom Pattinson’s stunning visual statements are by turns thought-provoking, entertaining and utterly delightful. His subversive humour is tempered by a gently mocking tone and a uniquely charming approach to life. He freely acknowledges his debt to other artists, among them Andy Warhol and Damian Hirst, but rather than emulate them, he riffs on their signature subjects or stylistic quirks, playing with repetition and homage, butterflies and skulls.

He has enjoyed a string of sell out shows all over the world. He has a massive celebrity following including Hollywood royalty Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney. His big name collectors come from all walks of life and highlight the breadth of his appeal – from millionaire socialite Caroline Stanbury and TV personality Davina McColl to neurosurgeon and broadcaster Sanjay Gupta and musician Liam Gallagher.