New from DeMontfort

LARS TUNEBO new collection
The show stopping mixed media photo-montages of Lars Tunebo offer both a playful alternative take on the art of wildlife and a gentle but heartfelt comment on contemporary society

Born in Sweden and living and working in Gothenburg, Lars works with techniques and materials including bronze, glass, painting and photography - his works can be found in some prestigious private collections and have made an impact in exhibitions across Europe, the Middle East and the USA for over 25 years
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The Light Fantastic collection by Simon Kenny at Artworx Gallery
The Light Fantastic is a stunning example of Simon’s dramatic yet approachable style - through their extraordinary beauty and radiance, these dazzling abstracts take us on deeply personal journey into another world
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A Sense of Place collection by John Waterhouse
John’s new collection of hand signed limited editions take us on a spellbinding journey along the riverbank. Beautifully lit, exquisitely composed and precisely executed, each inspirational piece invites us to step briefly out of our daily lives and escape into an idyllic world of calm and contemplation.
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ONE collection of limited edition prints by Danielle O'Connor Akiyama
Introducing the new collection of exquisite collectable editions from acclaimed international artist and visionary Danielle O'Connor Akiyama

Her new collectable editions are both radiant and profound, her vision delights us with its beauty and inspires us with its uplifting message of truth and togetherness. This new collection represents some of her most beautiful work to date, offering enlightenment, joy and a sanctuary for the soul
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Home by the Sea new collection by Rebecca Lardner
A new release from multi-award-winning British artist Rebecca Lardner is always great news, guaranteed to bring a welcome element of warmth and humour into our artistic lives. True to form, her much anticipated collection for summer 2020 does not disappoint. Focusing on life by the sea, she has given us a pair of captivating interiors with a classic coastal outlook as the backdrop, created with that irresistible combination of quirky humour and technical panache which has made her one of our most highly sought-after and collectable artists.
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