SIMON KENNY The Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic collection by Simon Kenny at Artworx Gallery
The Light Fantastic is a stunning example of Simon’s dramatic yet approachable style - through their extraordinary beauty and radiance, these dazzling abstracts take us on deeply personal journey into another world
This much anticipated new limited edition triptych is a stunning example of Simon’s luminous and lyrical style, which opens up the world of abstract art to a whole new audience
The Light Fantastic I, II & III are all available as:
limited edition of 195
glazed box canvas
16" x 32" image size
£625 each
The Light Fantastic I
The Light Fantastic II
The Light Fantastic III
These stunning new pieces are available individually - but if you can't decide on your favourite they're stunning displayed as a triptych!
Get in touch if you'd like to secure your copies ...
Best wishes Julie and Chris

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