Share the Love limited edition print by Craig Alan

CRAIG ALAN - Share the Love

This stunning new homage edition is a reflection of Craig’s remarkable creative gift. His distinctive images portray a huge array of cultural touchstones - famous faces, buildings, abstracts and, as in this case, some show stopping homages to the greats who have gone before him.

Share the Love limited edition print by Craig Alan

Share the Love uses dozens of intricately painted, exquisite figures to create a fabulous tribute to Keith Haring – a pop art icon in his own right.

Craig’s unique and powerful vision has combined with his accessible and fun loving use of cultural references to win him huge international recognition, and both his original and limited edition artwork has become some of the most sought-after in the UK.

This is likely to be a sell-out edition (edition size of only 95) so don't wait too long to place your order!

Give us a call if you'd like more details ...

Best wishes Julie and Chris
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