I Love You collection from Doug Hyde

Doug's captivating new collection is all about life's little pleasures and celebrates love in all its guises.

His adorable cast of characters is busy enjoying the fun and delight that is ever present in his vibrant and irresistible world. As always every piece brings a smile to our faces and fills our hearts with joy. Beautifully composed and executed in his signature vibrant colours, he has also created 2 stunning sculptures which will make a fabulous addition to an existing collection or work beautifully as stand alone pieces.

The new limited edition prints are:

You've Stolen My Heart limited edition print by Doug Hyde

You've Stolen My Heart
Limited edition of 395
26" x 17"

Rub A Dub Dub limited edition print by Doug Hyde

Rub A Dub Dub
Limited edition of 395
20" x 20"

Family limited edition print by Doug Hyde

Limited edition of 395
30" x 12"

Star Gazer limited edition print by Doug Hyde

Star Gazer
Limited edition of 395
14" x 18"

We've Got This limited edition print by Doug Hyde

We've Got This
Limited edition of 395
14" x 18"

The new limited edition sculptures are:

Limited edition of 395
12" x 5" porcelain
Life is Sweet Sculpture by Doug Hyde
Life is Sweet
Limited edition of 295
7" x 6" porcelain

These delightful new editions are beautifully timed for Valentine's Day and will be eagerly sought after - get yours while they're available ❤️️

Contact us for more details or view Doug's new collection on our website.

Best wishes Julie and Chris

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