The very latest from Edge Sculpture

Edge Sculpture update

There's been so much going on with Edge Sculpture over the past few Covid months that we thought it was time for a bit of an update

The lovely Edge Team have been doing their best to keep things moving during the various lock downs and, despite social distancing and Covid restrictions, have managed to keep production going

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Edge Sculpture French Bulldogs now in stock

The new Edge Sculpture French Bulldogs are now in stock!

These endearingly inquisitive characters have been one of the most requested sculpts of recent times and Matt Buckley has created not one but four colourways for you

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New Edge Sculpture video launch 7 Apr 2021

We've had so many questions asking about the launch of the new Edge Sculpture pieces and, finally, we can give you a date

Wednesday 7 April 2021 at 7pm on YouTube

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Baby Gorilla Snowflake by Matt Buckley at Edge Sculpture from Artworx Gallery

Along with flurries of wintry weather came another surprise this week - a seasonally cute new colourway for the Baby Gorilla called SNOWFLAKE

He's the same shape and size as his sibling but with a lovely new colourway based on the famous albino Gorilla named Snowflake who lived at Barcelona Zoo until he was almost 40 years old

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