The very latest from Edge Sculpture

Edge Sculpture Prototype Panda Cub

Matt Buckley's been busy today sharing his 3rd prototype piece for Edge Sculpture's Autumn launch and this one's going to be a huge hit - it's an adorable little Panda Cub and will be part of his 'Born to be Wild' range

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Edge Sculpture prototype Chameleon
Matt Buckley, Creative Director at Edge Sculpture, has just teased his latest prototype and it's a change, or is that another change or maybe even another change ... yes you've guessed it, it's a Chameleon!
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Edge Sculpture holiday

The lovely Edge Sculpture people have decided to take a well-earned summer break!

The factory will be closed for the first couple of weeks in August giving them all a chance to recharge batteries and enjoy some sunshine

We've been stocking up in anticipation but you might notice that it takes a bit longer to get hold of out-of-stock items for you - we'd strongly recommend that you place your August orders well in advance just in case

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