Edge Sculpture prototype Chameleon

Edge Sculpture prototype Chameleon

Matt Buckley, Creative Director at Edge Sculpture, has just teased his latest prototype and it's a change, or is that another change or maybe even another change ... yes you've guessed it, it's a Chameleon!

Chameleon prototype by Matt Buckley at Edge Sculpture

We love the little caterpillar that Matt's included - but is it friend or snack???

We've no idea of the colourway at the moment as this will be part of the launch on 22 September when we'll also get to see the painted version of the Chimp.

All we need now is a sneak preview of the 3rd piece, then the video launch on YouTube then it's all hands to the deck to get them onto our website for ordering!

Hope you like the latest one, take care and stay safe ...

Best wishes Julie and Chris

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