Original abstract paintings by Paresh Nrshinga from Artworx Gallery

A splash of New Year colour

Paresh Nrshinga

New Year's Day, slightly the worse for wear, in need of something soothing and gentle to calm your thoughts? Then look away now, colourful abstracts from Paresh Nrshinga to welcome in 2017!!!

From the magnificent Exuberance with its wild splashes of red on purple to the blossoming whites of Cosmic against its scarlet swirls.  From the dramatic butterflies of Lilac Rendezvous in its classic white frame to the delicate fluttering butterflies of Scarlett Dream against its stunning golden background.  And last but not least the sharply defined Rhythm of Life with its beautiful white square set uncompromisingly against fiery heat.

Gorgeous abstracts and well worth a close look!


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