Ukrainian artist Yulia Lavrenchuk

Ukrainian artist Yulia Lavrenchuk

*** UPDATE*** SOLD to a lovely local customer within hours - Yulia is delighted and sends you all a big, big thank you 😃😃😃

We're very excited to announce a new local artist to the Gallery!

Yulia Lavrenchuk is an artist from Ukraine who came to live in Shropshire because of war in her native land - she's very grateful for the support of all the British people who shelter her family and do everything possible to make them feel at home

Yulia Lavrenchuk local artist Artworx Gallery

She loves to paint marine art, she feels the depth and weight of water, its character and rhythm, and all her paintings are full of energy and colour

Yulia managed to bring her picture Waves with her from Ukraine - it's a lovely oil painting of waves tumbling and crashing, full of depth and movement

Wave original oil painting by Yulia Lavrenchuk

Waves   £495   unframed

Waves original oil painting by Yulia Lavrenchuk

All profits from the sale of this picture will go to Yulia to help support her and her family

It's in our window this weekend if you're passing by and want to take a closer look

Best wishes Julie and Chris

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