NEW limited edition rainbow tributes to Matt Buckley's favourite mountain Gorillas

Matt's gone all atomic and retro with two very special Edge sculpture Gorilla limited edition pieces, both finished in an incredible rainbow colour scheme

Mountain Gorillas only remain in a very specific location of Africa - there are only two populations remaining with one residing on the Virunga volcanic mountains within the Albertine Rift Montane Forests which pass through Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo and the other within Uganda’s Bwindi National Park

These locations are the inspiration behind the names for these special new limited edition pieces

First is Virunga an Edge Sculpture Gorilla Bust emblazoned in an explosive eruption of mighty volcanic colour to truly rock and shock - it's a limited edition of only 75 pieces, each with an individual number and hand signed by Matt with a certificate of authenticity

Virunga limited edition by Matt Buckley at Edge Sculpture

Gorilla Bust Virunga LE 75   £300

Next is Bwindi an Edge Sculpture Baby Gorilla, a most flamboyant little forest fellow indeed and popping with mountainous punch - this is a limited edition of only 150 pieces

Bwindi limited edition by Matt Buckley at Edge Sculpture

Baby Gorilla Bwindi LE 150   £140

They were launched at noon today and are due for delivery to us by the end of the month - what a lovely colourful start to the Summer!

Have a lovely sunny weekend ...

Best wishes Julie and Chris



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