The Koala and Joey Busts have been arriving this week to much excitement!

All of this week's lovelies are already on their way to new homes but, don't worry, we've got more due in next week

Koala and Joey Bust by Matt Buckley at Edge Sculpture

Koala and Joey Bust   £250

Gallery Manager Chris is already working on an AR model for the grey version so you'll soon be able to view this lovely character in your own home 😃

And if that isn't enough, Matt Buckley's only gone and surprised us with a new colourway - the brown version was released today and we should be getting our first ones in about 3 weeks

Koala and Joey Bust Brown by Matt Buckley at Edge Sculpture

Koala and Joey Bust Brown   £250

Get your eucalyptus leaves ready, they're going to be hungry when they arrive ...

Best wishes Julie and Chris

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