New Edge Sculpture Elephant Calf, Sea Turtle and Puffin

New Edge Sculpture Elephant Calf, Sea Turtle and Puffin

We've been so excited for these three new Edge Sculptures to be released. The new Elephant Calf, Sea Turtle and Puffin sculptures are now available to order and are expected to arrive April / May 2019. 

Elephant Calf - £150

This incredibly cute baby elephant - for all you Dumbo lovers out there - should be available around the start of May. Following on from the other two incredibly popular small Baby Orangutan and Tiger Cub sculptures we expect this one to be an instant hit! This one is slightly larger, sitting at around 10 inches tall.

Sea Turtle - £250

The Sea Turtle is the largest of the new pieces at 17 inches in length. Matt Buckley's Shark is already a popular part of the Edge range and the Sea Turtle takes a lot of design ideas from this. The wave effect underneath the turtle is the same as the Sharks making them a delightful pairing. Having now seen the painted Sea Turtle in person we're amazed by how lifelike it is. We're expecting the first Sea Turtles to arrive around mid April.

Puffin - £190

There are some stunning bold colours on the new Puffin sculpture. The new puffin is definitely the most vibrantly painted Edge Sculpture we have seen. We expect to get first deliveries of the Puffin around the start of May.

Delivery schedules will be updated as we continue to find out more information about production times. 

We love the three new Edge Sculptures and think you will too. They are all now available to order in advance if you'd like to be one of the first to get your hands on them. 

Best wishes

Chris and Julie

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