Tutankhamun prototype by Matt Buckley from Edge Sculpture

Edge Sculpture Tutankhamun

It's Spring release time for Matt Buckley at Edge Sculpture with the new range due to be launched at the NEC Spring Fair on 2 February. However, as usual we've been treated to a few pre-launch previews and now know 2 of the 3 new sculpts.

The first to be announced was the lovely new Angel, a medium scale bust. Matt wanted to capture an essence of life with the piece yet at the same time maintain a stone-like presence.

To give you an idea of the size of the new sculpt, Matt kindly posed with his angelic creation (yes, he's definitely the one on the right!!!):

The second piece that's just been announced is a prototype of a subject he's wanted to work on for quite a while now. He's always been interested in ancient history with all of its myths and remnants and so working on an Edge Tutankhamun has been fantastic journey in itself.

He's based the piece on the Egyptian Pharaohs/Boy King death mask and can't wait to get the piece fully painted up. The finished sculpt will have light passing through, including the eyes, and will be finished in an as yet unknown colourway.

As always we'll keep you up to date with all the latest as we hear it ...

Best wishes, Julie and Chris

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