DOUG HYDE Love From a Distance

DOUG HYDE Love From a Distance

Doug Hyde has been creating artwork which speaks to our hearts for many years and his loving and sincere messages of love, friendship and hope have never been more relevant than they are today

Life is not an easy journey at the moment, but with Doug as a travelling companion we can reflect on the good things that we are holding on to, gratitude, generosity and love – the things that bind us together and bring us joy along the way

Following on from the sell-out success of his NHS Charities COVID 19 Appeal picture Thank You, Doug has released a new limited edition print Love From a Distance:

Love From a Distance limited edition print by Doug Hyde from Artworx Gallery

Love From a Distance
limited edition of 595
image size 21" x 14"

Doug has a special message for you all about the story of this picture:

"As you probably know, some of my artwork is about celebrating the love we share, but this piece is a little bit different and has grown out of the challenging situation we find ourselves in at the moment, where we have had to realign our social attitudes. A few weeks ago, I received a drawing from a young boy called Jack which perfectly captured the situation we find ourselves in having to - ‘Love from a Distance’. It was such a beautiful drawing it inspired me to recreate the artwork. I’m dedicating it to all of you who are keeping your distance from those you love – this is a way we can show our love for each other, and in the end, will bring us closer together. I hope you agree that love from a distance can still be a wonderful and uplifting experience."

This beautiful print won't be around for long - give us a call to secure your copy.

Take care and stay safe, best wishes Julie and Chris

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