Steve Tandy 2nd UK collection from Artworx Gallery

STEVE TANDY - 2nd UK Collection

We are delighted to announce a show stopping new release from rising star Steve Tandy to add to his superb summer debut collection

Steve Tandy 2nd UK collection from Artworx Gallery

In his witty and whimsical compositions realism, surrealism, wildlife and pop art co-exist in a dazzling alternate reality. By turns playful and profound, he may include anything from surprising cultural references to subtle hints about caring for the planet, creating an extra layer of resonance for a modern audience.

Passionate, profound and yet playful, he describes his own work as “realism and surrealism with pop art influences”. He references the modern city alongside movie scenes, cars, motorcycles, other artworks and more, to create dazzling representations of the world we live in, or wish we did. He often replaces the expected human element with wildlife as in this new collection, and in his more serious moments he includes subtle hints about caring for the planet, referencing deforestation, climate change and changing wildlife habitats, creating a whole extra layer of resonance for a contemporary audience.

Over the last year, Steve has been identified as a genuine rising star with sales of his original paintings soaring. His work is exhibited and sold in an increasing number of prestigious galleries in the UK and Australia and his collector base is expanding rapidly. We are therefore delighted to announce his second UK collection of high impact, hand signed limited editions.

Going Underground limited edition print by Steve Tandy

Going Underground
limited edition of 95
image size 30" x 30"

Growing up in the ‘80s, Paul Weller of The Jam was an especially big influence on Steve (and British culture as a whole) and he’s continued to be influential ever since. He was therefore the inspiration for this painting with arguably The Jam’s most famous and iconic song ‘Going Underground’ - the focal point and title for the piece. Paul Weller is often referred to as the ‘Modfather’ due to his influence on ‘Mod’ culture and his name is synonymous with 1960s London.

Steve's also tried to utilise the key colours of the famous ‘Mod’ circular symbol (red, white and blue) throughout the piece with the Piccadilly adverts, buses and Underground sign. He is also someone known for being forthright with his views and definitely not one to take fools gladly, therefore the use of the Tiger to symbolise Paul Weller is quite apt.

Concrete Jungle limited edition print by Steve Tandy

Concrete Jungle
limited edition of 95
image size 30" x 30"

This piece took inspiration from both the city of New York and one of its most famous inhabitants, JAY-Z. The title of the painting comes from an inspirational line in the chorus of his song about New York; “Empire State of Mind”; “New York, Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There’s nothin’ you can’t do, Now you’re in New York”.

The Jaguar climbing the lamppost is a depiction of JAY-Z’s journey from the tough streets of Brooklyn to the top of the music industry, where he now lives the high life around the extremely affluent streets of Midtown Manhattan. Within the painting there are also subtle hints towards the impacts of deforestation on the habitat of wild animals such as the Jaguar and what the future now holds for these magnificent animals. But he’s not the only jaguar in town, as a closer look at the background will show…

View Steve's new collection or give us a call if you'd like to order any of these amazing new pieces!

Best wishes Julie and Chris

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