Todd's dramatic new collection captivates with a strong and intriguing narrative. Although on the surface his cast of players are all about fun and flirtation, a close look shows a darker side.

"The new release of Saints and Lords, Black Tie Optional and White Tie Affair is all about anonymity - the tool which allows you to give free rein to your desire ...
We all have our little dark desire and I think throughout history the way people have accepted that dark desire is by masquerading - covering up with masks. In literature and film the mask is iconic. There's a reason why all our superheroes wear a mask as well as the criminals they pursue. Wear a mask and it gives you permission to do what you really want to do with no inhibitions because it hides who you are. If you can't see me I was never there. Welcome to the party pal."

"She's dressed in the traditional bad guy garb of all black - wearing it with confidence. But she's also hidden under a black wing boa ... hiding in plain sight?"

White Tie Affair
Edition size 100
Image size 16" x 20"

"She seems angelic. She must be 'the good girl', full of hope and happiness, innocent. But remember, the devil was once an angel too ..."

Black Tie Optional
Edition size 100
Image size 16" x 20"

"Two powerful words together. How much of the world has been changed by these two words? Here in the painting we have a level playing field and it's not clear who's running who. But you know who has the power here don't you? Across a wide spectrum of colors in a wild careless setting, this is one party that you want to be at ... but who will you be behind your mask?"

Saints and Lords
Edition size 135
Image size 40" x 22"

This powerful new release by Todd White has launched just ahead of his latest UK tour in March 2020. It promises to be a sellout collection so contact us soon to secure your editions.

Enjoy the party!

Best wishes Julie and Chris

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